What is a Brand Storyworld?

The whole world is talking about storytelling. For us however, this doesn’t go far enough. Instead of storytelling we have “Storymaking” – in other words, we make it possible for consumers to really experience the story. From Aristotle and heroes’ journeys, neuroscience research and transmedia thinking, to augmented reality and MMORPGs. The conclusion:

Brand Storyworlds

In marketing-speak: With Brand Storyworlds, we unite strategic brand leadership with classic storytelling, transmedial thinking and state of the art technology, to create a holistic brand story.
Without the technical jargon: We develop stories in the way that people want to experience them today. We tailor the stories to how people consume media today and integrate the brand and product world into their everyday life. Naturally, in such a way that no one feels irritated or harassed, but enthralled.

And what is the result?


You can never have too much of that. Brand Storyworlds connect brands and people on a deep emotional level. Brand Storyworlds suspend the strict separation between storyteller and listener to create a common experience. (Plus: the inception story).


He who shouts, is ignored. But, he who tells a good story, attracts an avid audience. Advertising philosophy would say: Brand Storyworlds are the most sustainable strategy for integrating brands into the cultural consciousness of a modern world.


People need role models. And we know how to create them. Brand Storyworlds give a brand a socially relevant position and thus an emotional significance in people’s lives.


Whether you believe it or not, in a Brand Storyworld brands and people encounter one another at the same level. The brand is perceptible, tangible … and, well, credible. Sometimes it is simply that simple.


You can never have too much of that either. In summary, Brand Storyworlds promote brand sympathy and consumer loyalty. And sustainably boost sales. And sustainably increase the commercial value of a brand.