The Berlin-based creative agency Aimaq von Lobenstein (AvL) presents its second campaign film for Germany’s most well-known Fintech brand, Auxmoney. Under the tagline “All for one,” the filmmakers are setting out once again to give the Auxmoney principle an emotional narrative: person-to-person lending. This time in the style of a road movie…

Auxmoney is the leading credit marketplace in Germany. Here, thousands of private investors finance the loan requests of individual borrowers. The concept is a success: during a major financing round, the company from Düsseldorf recently managed once again to collect amounts in the double-digit millions. The newest member of the team – in addition to award-winning international investors Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures and Foundation Capital – is Seven Ventures, subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1, on board since the start of the year.

Communication: Auxmoney bets on large-scale cinematic images

The Auxmoney principle “All for one” was previously demonstrated cinematically and emotionally in the first campaign film created by AvL.

The second film also stages the Auxmoney concept into large-scale cinematic images, this time with the aesthetic of a classic Hollywood road movie.


A gas station somewhere in the American desert. A young man – a ‘sexy outlaw and musician’ type – wants to buy a motorcycle. When the salesman asks him if he has the money, he gives a brief laugh and points off into the distant horizon: “I don’t – but they do!”
Amidst a giant cloud of dust, countless riders approach at a gallop. These rescuing forces help our hero out of his financial jam. It’s not Indians sitting on the horses, however; these are everyday people, from businessmen to housewives. All of them symbolize the lenders who give out private loans to individual people via Auxmoney. While our young hero races off on the motorcycle with his girlfriend, a voiceover says: “Do you need money? There are lots of people who will help out. Loans starting from 1,000 euros. Nice and easy. Come get your money at “

Production: Czar Film Berlin
Creative agency: Aimaq von Lobenstein
Director: Parker Ellerman

Film lengths: 60 sec. / 30 sec. / 25. sec. plus 5-sec. reminder
Available to watch starting May 16, 2016 on TV and online

“Our new film is another building block to establish Auxmoney as a sympathetic and trustworthy brand in an environment filled with aggressive pricing and gimmicky marketing. That is why we are approaching the subject from the human side rather than talking about credit periods and percentage figures.”

Quote from André Aimaq, CCO and founder of Aimaq von Lobenstein

“Many people are unfairly denied by banks. By contrast, Auxmoney provides many more people with access to loans. Here, All for one,’ reflects Auxmoney’s human aspiration to open the previously restrictive banking and finance system to as many people as possible.”

Quote from Andreas Barthelmess, CCO and Brand Manager of Auxmoney

About Auxmoney

Auxmoney was founded in 2007 by Raffael Johnen, Philip Kamp and Philipp Kriependorf, and is Germany’s largest credit marketplace, and also the most well-known Fintech company in Germany.

Through Auxmoney, private and institutional investors invest directly in pre-checked borrowers from various score classes. More than 50,000 investors have already fulfilled around 75,000 credit requests. Without the bank as a middle man, more people receive loans at better conditions. Investors benefit from better profits than from other interest-bearing forms of investment. Well-known Auxmoney investors Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Foundation Capital and Partech Ventures have also invested in companies such as Netflix, Skype, Twitter and Kickstarter.