A few months ago Aimaq von Lobenstein won a pitch for Auxmoney, the famous German Fintech company. Now the campaign is kicking off under the motto: “All for one”. .

Auxmoney is the leading credit marketplace in Germany. “As Germany’s most famous Fintech brand, it is our ambition to help 1 million people fund their personal projects by 2020. Our new brand identity reflects our objective of making loans accessible to more and more people in Germany,” says Raffael Johnen, founder and CEO of Auxmoney.

The new motto brings Auxmoney’s philosphy right to the point – many private investors financing the credit needs of individual borrowers. The unifying “X” in the new logo (CD development: Robert Schaefer) from Auxmoney underlines the principle: loans from person to person.



The new communications approach is spearheaded by the new TV and online movie. The “all for one” philosophy is illustrated here in a small, cinematically told story using “supernatural elements”. A young man, probably a writer, paddles up in a boat to a cabin on the lake.

Apparently he has rented out a hideaway to work on his latest project. As the homeowner asks him if he has the money, he answers dryly: “I don’t. But they do.” At this moment, as if by magic, hundreds of people from all walks of life appear atop the mountain.
They are the people who have lent him money through Auxmoney. The film was produced by Czar Film Berlin.

Andreas Barthelmess, who, as CCO, is responsible for brand development at Auxmoney, explains: “Auxmoney’s overarching principle is empowerment, because today many people are rejected by banks. Auxmoney, on the other hand, makes it possible for people with strong and weaker credit standings to gain access to a loan. “All for one” stands for our claim to open up exclusionary banking and financial systems to as many people as possible.”

About Auxmoney

Auxmoney was founded by Raffael Johnen, Philip Kamp and Philipp Kriependorf in 2007 and is Germany’s largest credit marketplace and the most famous Fintech in Germany.

Private and institutional investors invest directly in pre-tested borrowers of different score classes on Auxmoney.com. More than 50,000 investors have already fulfilled around 70,000 loan requests. By eliminating the bank as a middleman more people are able to obtain loans at more favorable conditions. Investors in turn benefit from a better return compared to other interest-bearing investments. The renowned Auxmoney investors are Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Foundation Capital and Partech Ventures and have already invested in companies like Lending Club, Netflix, Skype, Twitter and Kickstarter, among others.