Digital storytelling instead of TV, relevance instead of advertising – Aimaq von Lobenstein (AvL) is implementing this integral strategy for Berentzen in 2016. The creative concept is that Berentzen founds a new country called “Echtland”..

The search for authenticity was already a central communications topic of the Berentzen Group during the past year. Berentzen hit the road and took the #unfake campaign on tour throughout Germany and communicated with the target groups at eye level. With success: The community grew along with sales and market shares. And the Berentzen Apple Bourbon innovation soon took 3rd place on the whiskey shelves.

Now Berentzen and AvL are firing up the next level of communications and establishing their own country: Echtland.

The idea behind Echtland

The idea behind Echtland is simple: we play different roles nearly every single day, often forgetting who we really are. Cultivating our image is becoming increasingly important for our egos. Who can take the coolest selfie, who traveled to the most exotic place, who is following the toughest exercise regime? Not to mention who is more successful, more intelligent, beautiful, funny, popular? We all want the same: to be ourselves. Authentic. And happy. Storytelling from Echtland is based on this fundamental social conflict.

Social and digital instead of TV

Since there is limited access to the core target group of 18 to 25-year olds can with classic TV advertising, Berentzen focuses on developing its own community and communicating the value-oriented message exclusively via digital channels.

Frank Schübel, CEO of Berentzen, explains: “By focusing on online and social media, we have found a way to communicate with our young target group of 18+ more efficiently and with credibility. In addition, the new Berentzen tone – fun-oriented and poking fun at one’s self – comes across really well online. This allows us to present the essence of our brand, rusticity with Echtland, in a modern way.”

The main platforms for the new communication are the campaign page, Berentzen’s Facebook page and Youtube. Video content in TrueView format and as pre-roll ads on YouTube and on Facebook will be spearheading the launch. The “founding” of Echtland will be accompanied and moderated by target-group focused community management and PR measures implemented for Berentzen by AvL.

An address to the nation from Echtland’s government is already available:

Storytelling instead of classic advertising

As the lead agency for the project, AvL is doing something that has been widely talked about, but seldom practiced: complex storytelling.

“Echtland intends to create an attitude change in the minds and hearts of the people,” said agency founder André Aimaq about the concept. Given role models in the media and societal expectations regarding perfection, appearance and image, the question concerning authenticity – the true you – is more relevant than ever.
“Echtland doesn’t have much to do with classic brand and product promotion,” explains Aimaq. “All the more reason we’re happy that Berentzen is with us on this new path of communication.”

The following film illustrates why the world needs Echtland:

This man just wanted to go to the movies. What happened is unbelievable…


Directed by: Greg Bray
Produced by: Markenfilm
Agency: Aimaq von Lobenstein

What are Smombies?

The term “Smombie” was recently voted the Youth Word for 2015. It is made from the words “smartphone” and “zombie” and refers to those people who spend more time on Facebook, Twitter & Co. than with their friends. They would rather stare at their smartphone than live their lives.

The borders of Echtland are open

Echtland can be found both online and in real life. The country encourages you to get involved – provided you are at least 18 years old. In order for the Echtland community to grow, various activities are planned throughout the year. First, you can make proposals for the country’s flag and vote on it at Additional measures will follow. Ideas from Echtland citizens are welcome and will be decided on a democratic basis.
Echtland’s government headquarters are in the Berentzen Hof in Haselünne. They are located in the Lower Saxony city of Emsland, which is the inspiration for the name Echtland.

Partners involved in the set-up:

Aimaq von Lobenstein: Lead Agency, Community Management, PR und Website Conception & Design

crossingberlin: Film Production (Director Greg Bray)
Die Etagen: Website Programming
Crossmedia: Media Agency
Unruly: Blogger Seeding

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