After fashion chain Takko’s first new TV spot was launched in September 2015 on the theme of cuddly knits, winter jackets are now the focus of communication. This film also feeds into the new Takko claim “Happy suits us better”.
A group of girlfriends wearing winter jackets meet up in the evening at the ice disco. Unfortunately they discover that lots of other people have already had the same idea, and there is a long queue at the entrance. Then one of them discovers a fountain at the square opposite. They hurry over, quickly put on their ice skates and start going round on the ice in the frozen fountain. In the meantime, the people in the queue at the ice disco have also noticed this and cheer them on.


The new film follows the same principle as the first Takko film: The friends face a challenge when something doesn’t quite go to plan. They solve it through their own resourcefulness.
With this positive and emotional execution, Takko speaks to women of all ages, showing them not only fashion at a reasonable price, but also attitude. The core message: it doesn’t matter whether it’s large or small moments: The key to happiness is in your own hands.

With the Takko brand, the company promises its customers authentic fashion which fits their lifestyle. This has an effect on product range and focus, price points, in-store customer approach, marketing measures, imagery and shopfitting, to name but a few of the central aspects. The monthly collection changes, balanced range with multifaceted, mainstream trends as well as competent outfit presentation, enable the customer to satisfy different fashion requirements in one stop.

From the re-worked logo to the new claim, from the soundbranding through the redesign of the brochures to the TV spots – the Takko lead agency Aimaq von Lobenstein in Berlin is responsible for the communicative relaunch. The Duesseldorf-based Mediacom is responsible for media placements. Film production is by Stink, direction, Lars Knorrn.

The campaign is running in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.