BERLIN, 23 OCTOBER 2017 – “You’re more Jules than you think!” – Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH has not turned to perhaps the latest actor or a well-known model for its next campaign – no, Jules Mumm’s new brand ambassador is a pink llama. “Jules'” sense of humour and positive energy are infectious, guaranteeing a good mood and a party atmosphere wherever he goes.

The decision to go with an unusual character like “Jules” as brand ambassador was based on a clear strategic reason, as Cathrin Duppel, Head of Marketing at Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien, explains: “With the new Jules Mumm campaign, we want to show consumers that sparkling wine isn’t only for special occasions. Jules Mumm has always been unconventional but with our pink llama we have taken the brand to a whole new level. Compared to the rest of the sparkling wine market, the new campaign is absolutely unique, audacious and loud.” The idea for “Jules” was developed by Aimaq von Lobenstein/Saint Elmo’s, the new lead agency for Jules Mumm.

Enjoy life, allow yourself to forget your troubles and party – those are Jules Mumm’s central brand messages, which “Jules” represents through the campaign website, which launched at the end of October, portrays across all media and generally helps spread within the target group and beyond. As well as TV and cinema, digital marketing will be further developed and the dialogue with the target market intensified. “Jules” will take the brand message onto social media and also speak directly to target customers at the POS.

“With Jules, we are looking to draw on the same effect that cats and unicorns on the internet have. We want to sustain the effect from the TV spot on into the community and build on it through an ongoing conversation. We are looking forward to actively shaping the next chapter in the Jules Mumm brand story,” says André Aimaq.


The spot will premiere on 22 October 2017 on SAT.1, during the season opener of “The Voice of Germany”.

The storyline: The spot opens with a snapshot of office life. Seconds feel like hours and the day seems to drag on forever. The staff groan and yawn, the atmosphere is depressed – but then “Jules” announces his arrival. With his appearance on the scene and the ice-cold Jules Mumm Sparkling Wine he has brought along, the picture soon changes – and the party can start. In the wink of an eye, the pink llama has transformed the office into a dancefloor and all the coworkers into instant John Travoltas. “Jules” himself also displays some fancy dance moves, showing why he is rightly the new face of Jules Mumm. The pink llama embodies the zest-for-life and lightness of the brand in the new clip, as well as its enthusiasm for adventures and parties. In line with this theme, Aimaq von Lobenstein/Saint Elmo’s developed the claim “You are more Jules than you think” and created the accompanying disco-style ear-worm, “Yippie, Yippie, Boom!”. This completely new, more playful approach for Jules Mumm demonstrates how a brand can be brought off the beaten (sparkling wine) track and into a new era.