This Wednesday, the fifth TV spot for Takko from Aimaq von Lobenstein will go on air. The focus of this spot is the denim expertise of the fashion company, which is based in Telgte, Germany. Eleven different fits and eight different washes are now available for women and men. And for prices starting as low as EUR 9.99.

The new 20-second spot showcases the new brand claim “Happy is a better look for us” and makes use of the likewise new sound branding strategy. The film story continues in the brochure and at the point of sale. Aimaq von Lobenstein is the lead agency and manages the campaign.

The Telgte-based fashion company has committed itself to taking a sentimental customer approach, which has shaped the redesigned brand identity over the past several months. The TV campaign is the continuation of the work put into broadening the brand experience and image. The goal is to specifically attract new female customers. So the idea is to present the fashion designs to exactly this clientele and show them that the focus of Takko is the products.

Düsseldorf-based MediaCom is responsible for handling the media placements.

About Takko

Takko is an international brand that is synonymous with fashion for the modern woman. In addition to trendy styles, the latest fashions and an appealing store atmosphere, the company offers, above all else, products at a reasonable price. Takko has 1900 stores in 17 countries, making it one of the leading fashion retailers in Germany and Europe. For information on the latest collections, special offers and news from Takko, visit