The Berlin-based agency Aimaq von Lobenstein (AvL) has shot an approximately two-minute short film with a cineastic feel for Audi. The focus is upon an exciting pursuit and Audi select, an innovative mobility offer from the brand with the four rings.

Audi select is aimed at customers looking for more freedom and flexibility in their choice and use of vehicle: customers can choose and drive up to three different Audi models a year from a premium pool of attractive second-hand vehicles. A Ducati can also be included in the programme on request.

Film and concept originate from the Aimaq von Lobenstein (AvL) agency, which is working with Audi for the first time.

The content of the film: two cops are on the trail of a master thief, who is almost impossible to capture. They investigate amongst associates of the suspect, questioning three attractive, upper-class ladies one after the other. Whilst the women state themselves to be clueless, the viewer learns from flashbacks that they actually know precisely what happened. They maintain their silence to the cops, only responding truthfully to the question of the type of car the charming master thief drove: because each time he drove a different Audi model… Hard to grasp. 12 months. 3 Audis. 1 Ducati. Audi select.

„ Working with Audi is a great honour for us. The fact that we were able to present the Audi select offer as an exciting story makes us all the happier.“

Quote from André Aimaq, Co-Founder and ECD, Aimaq von Lobenstein



The film will be shown throughout Germany as a cinema ad as well as online from 22/02/2017. In addition, diverse digital formats are planned, including social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Alongside the 130-second version of the film there is a 60-second variant and several short formats that can be used as teasers in social media.


Responsible at Audi:

Jason Lusty, Head of Marketing Germany
Yvonne Hippner, Head of Marketing Communication Germany
Ana Dubravica, Project Management Marketing Communication Germany

Responsible agency

Creatives: André Aimaq, Nadia al Mardini, Andreas Manthey, René Stegmiller
Account Management: Hubertus von Lobenstein, Monique Garbe, Hanna Sebralla

Film production:

Czar, Berlin
Film Director: Parker Ellerman
Executive Producer: Jan Finke
Producer: Birke Birkner
Post Production: nhb, Hamburg/Berlin

Media plan: