Pro Wildlife

Why animals want to be anything but a tourist attraction.

Showreel 2018

Audi g-tron

How an emotional story can communicate progressive technology.

Jules Mumm

How a pink llama becomes a brand ambassador.


How a successful model can become a brand ambassador.

Audi – Piloted Driving

How a new technology was turned into a social media success.

Audi #hardtocatch

How to turn a mobility service into a blockbuster.


How a lending service can become a shared community experience.


How to transform an outdated classic into a trendy brand using social media.


How to transform a technology oriented brand into an emotional, consumer-centric one.


How to make a uniform CD a uniform and relevant attitude.

Asics GEL TV

How a specialist-brand with a more rational appeal can suddenly become attractive to hipsters.

kinder Milch-Schnitte

How to reposition a brand using unusual testimonials.


How a hidden champion can become a real champion.


How the biggest merger campaign of the last 20 years established a new big player.
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