Starting point

Audi wants to communicate its mobility service Audi select. The service is aimed at customers who want more flexibility in their vehicle use: customers can choose up to three different Audi models per year from a premium pool of attractive used cars and drive them one after another. If desired, the programme can be extended to include a Ducati. The problem: Hardly anyone knows about it. The brief: Do something on the internet. Our proposal: Do everything a bit bigger.


To communicate the Audi select service, we produce a short film which has a cinematic-feel and is a good two minutes in length, in the style of a classic master thief story. The convincer: Our clip doesn’t only look like a real cinema film, it is also promoted like one. It premieres at the Audi Shortfilm Awards at the Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival), there are huge cinema posters, cinema trailers, Edgar Freecards (free advertising postcards), online film teasers, various social media activities, YouTube banners and much more.

Audi select: 12 moths. 3 Audi. 1 Ducati. #hardtocatch

Happy ending

The full film reaches 1.7 million viewers in only five days on YouTube alone; the short version garners 2.4 million views in the same period. The corresponding landing page also sees a significant increase in traffic.