Starting point:

Many people are still wary when it comes to cars which drive themselves. Therefore, we try, together with Audi, to present the technology of “piloted driving” in a new light – for this purpose, we use the Berlin International Film Festival as our stage.


In order to make self-driving car technology more appealing to people, we give it a face. And not just any face but that of Johnny Cab, the famous robot chauffeur from the film “Total Recall”.

Background: In 2017, Total Recall director Paul Verhoeven is President of the Berlinale jury. And Audi is the main sponsor.

Our idea: We recreate Johnny Cab, in perfect detail, as a fully animated, animatronic robot. He is the secret star at the Berlinale, driving celebrities like James Bond actor Clemens Schick to the red carpet. There is even a highly emotional farewell with his creator, Paul Verhoeven

Happy ending:

Storytelling at its best: With this combination of entertainment and technology, we exceed all expectations. The Johnny Cab videos already achieve over 2.3 million organic views and 1400 shares during the Berlinale. The hashtag #PilotiertesFahren (#PilotedDriving) spreads rapidly, the associated microsite is visited many thousands of times and interest in “piloted driving” is significantly increased.