Starting point

Too impersonal, too complicated and not at the same level as the customer – some loan applications would, if there were only conventional banks, never be granted. The peer-to-peer lending service from Auxmoney revolutionises industry conventions as an easily accessible alternative model: A lending service which is personable instead of distant. A lending service which represents a “new way of thinking”. A lending service in which people like you and me choose whether to help people like you and me finance their dreams.


At face value, Auxmoney’s story is “Many lenders lend a borrower something”. But in reality Auxmoney is more than just a straightforward, attractive service – it stands for the principle of solidarity which is especially relevant to society today. In other words: The true story of Auxmoney is “All for one.” An Auxmoney loan from person to person becomes a community act. Our two films tell exactly this story with bold, cinematic images, helping to make Auxmoney – within the cold world of banking – into an emotional and accessible hero.

Happy ending

20% more investors in the first 4 weeks show that Auxmoney is on the right track. But not only that: the quality of borrowers also improves and even in those first 4 weeks, people who had an interest in the brand increasingly become fans (number of FB fans grows organically from 7,000 to 21,000).