Starting point

Berentzen, a company with a long tradition, has been advertising its spirits for many years, at great expense, on TV. Over the years, however, the old target market has been getting older and older. The new, young target market doesn’t sit in front of the television any more. So we must go to where the young target group is now: social media. Digital Storymaking instead of TV, relevance instead of commercials. This is the motto from now on.


For Berentzen, we implement what is widely preached, but rarely practised: complex Storymaking. Our first step is to create a country called Echtland (approx. Realland). The idea behind Echtland is simple: almost every day, we live a number of different roles, often forgetting who we really are. How we are seen by others becomes increasingly important for one’s own identity. Echtland’s Storymaking is founded on this fundamental societal conflict: Echtland is a country where everyone can simply be themselves – real, authentic and content.

The Berentzen Facebook page, the campaign site and YouTube serve as the platforms for the new communication. We accompany the increasing numbers of Reallanders with target-group-oriented community management. We also undertake the press work for the campaign.

Happy ending

The planned media goals are achieved or even exceeded just one month after the “founding of the state of Echtland”. After one year, the Facebook site has more than 210,000 fans – nearly four times as many as at the start of the campaign. In addition, there is extensive blogger and press activity, including The website records a more than 100% increase in traffic since campaign launch. Moreover, Berentzen has increased its market share from 14.3 to 20 percent. The new, innovative mixed drinks – such as apple bourbon – meet the taste of the young target market, and are honoured with prestigious awards. Conclusion: With only 40 percent of the former TV budget, the digitally based Echtland campaign achieved almost the same reach.