Starting point

Victoria, Hamburg-Mannheimer and Karstadt-Quelle insurance are combining to produce the new brand, ERGO. But: Does the world really need another insurance provider? Yet another provider talking in a language noone understands? Lacking transparency and excessively complex? No, the world has enough of those. What we need is the exact opposite.


Instead of telling people what they need, we turn the tables, preferring to ask them what they want from their insurer: What worries and hardships do people have? What do they find genuinely helpful? What should an insurer provide? The aim: To establish ERGO not as a dictatorial brand but as a communication partner which treats its customers as equals.

Happy ending

We used the slogan “Versichern heißt verstehen” (“Insurance means understanding”) to get this message across – and turned the insurance industry on its head in the process. Making insurance customers and their needs the central focus proves to be an enormous success. The industry magazine “absatzwirtschaft” agrees and honours our leadership competency with its 2012 Marken-Award (Brand Award).