Starting point

After André Agassi left, the technology-based brand HEAD only stood out through its occasional product innovations. That could not last forever. The brand had become a little boring. So, we had to give HEAD fresh energy: first, we brought Novak Đoković and Marija Jurjewna Scharapowa on board, two exceptional talents who engender a high degree of emotion and enthusiasm. Coupled with a comprehensive storymaking concept, this was the start of a wonderful success story.


We transformed HEAD into an international sports culture brand: not the product but the athletes become heroes at every brand-relevant touchpoint. A social video and a specially created website challenge the target group not only to play the game, but to change it. All content bears the hashtag #Gameraiser and is designed to show that tennis is more than just a sport.

Put “WingTennis” into Google: 38,000 engagements, 96% positive reviews and 400 million people worldwide who have seen Wingtennis on “ATP uncovered”. Pre-ordering of Ultimate SPEED racquets doubles.

Happy ending

The HEAD Tennis Facebook page experienced growth of more than 700,000 fans. A very active community is created. Measured against our budget, media and consumer resonance is overwhelming.