Our campaign positions the successful Hyundai Tucson model as a strong brand ambassador in 27 European countries. The centrepiece is a 2.5 minute short film, which has a clear storytelling focus and which presents the SUV in a spectacular light. In addition, there is a 30-second TV spot in the style of a movie trailer, which directs viewers to their own country-specific website.

The short film is a narrative homage to various Hollywood films such as “The Game” by David Fincher or “Duel” by Steven Spielberg. It has the look of a modern road movie.
In the films, the Hyundai Tucson is extremely appealing, with premium technical features and safety assistance, which are elegantly integrated into the storylines, including, for example, navigation system and LIVE services, rear camera, blind spot detection, smart power tailgate and panoramic sunroof.

For the song for the film, we collaborated with the international producer team HEAROES, which works with, among others, Miley Cyrus. In addition, the whole presentation is supplemented by two print and OOH motifs.

Hyundai The Switch OOH Front Hero

Hyundai The Switch OOH Rear Hero